Lake Placid 1980

Back in Lake Placid, the local boys who had gone on to compete in the Olympics now have a new goal: to bring the Olympic Games back to the hometown. Jack Shea and Art Devlin are part of a bid committee that promises an "Olympics In Perspective" that will make athletic competition the center of their efforts, and in 1974 the village is chosen to host the 1980 Winter Olympics.

But as the Games near, the US falls into a morass as inflation soars and 70 Americans are taken hostage in Iran. Few imagine that a group of college hockey players could awaken the country�s sense of patriotism, until the U.S. Hockey Team piles victories at the start of the Games.

Speedskater Eric Heiden takes the athletes' oath at the Opening Ceremonies, then races to gold in the 500-meter race. Over the next eight days Heiden follows up with victories in the 1,000, 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000-meter races for a historic sweep of all five speedskating events.

In the Olympic Center the U.S. hockey team advances against the Soviets, where captain Mike Eruzione breaks a 3-3 tie with a goal midway through the third period. ABC announcer Al Michaels asks, "Do you believe in miracles?" and the Miracle on Ice is born.

Two days later Team USA comes from behind to defeat Finland 4-2 to win Olympic hockey gold for only the second time in U.S. history, capping the United States' best-ever Olympic showing.

And two decades later, the USA will do even better.
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